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WO-2009026880-A3: Method for detecting of a switch state patent, WO-2011064123-A1: Ingold connecting piece for the process connection of sensors or fittings patent, WO-2011100956-A3: Use of an ensiling agent to treat whole taproots patent, WO-2012062522-A3: Method for controlling the fuel pressure of an internal combustion engine patent, WO-2013124030-A3: Carrier for solar modules patent, WO-2013143684-A3: Modular aircraft galley patent, WO-2016045940-A1: Furniture hinge patent, WO-2017102862-A1: Transport vehicle for containers patent, WO-9201929-A1: Process for producing the ion-sensitive probe electrode of a heavy-metal-ion sensor patent, WO-9504296-A1: Process and device for manufacturing a silicon semiconductor substrate with an integrated waveguide coupled to an optical fibre patent, WO-9510701-A1: Process and device for checking the tank venting system of a motor vehicle patent, WO-9719178-A2: Autoantigenic metal proteases and methods of diagnosing autoimmune diseases patent, WO-9853874-A1: Catheter insertion device with a system for liquid-tight clamping of the insertion lumen patent, WO-9912787-A1: Wall module mainly intended for a wagon body patent, WO-9934936-A1: Sorting device for flat, letter-like postal items patent, WO-0031010-A3: Methods for producing chiral aldehydes patent, WO-0037532-A2: Method for producing highly branched glycidol-based polyols patent, WO-0051536-A2: Plaster with protrusions for application to the skin patent, WO-0213733-A2: Bone prosthesis for adapting to a femoral stump patent, WO-0214614-A1: System for the control and monitoring of sanitary appliances patent, WO-03054970-A1: Organic field effect transistor with off-set threshold voltage and the use thereof patent, WO-03079915-A2: Medical instrument for treating tissue by means of high-frequency current and medical system comprising such a medical instrument patent, WO-2006047987-A1: Automatic door wing locking device and door drive unit comprising the same patent, CN-205504335-U: 燃气管道抢修防误解装置 patent, WO-2006056216-A1: Tamper-proof identification and authentication feature for packaging materials and security applications patent, WO-2006069974-A1: Electrical component with a cooling circuit for underwater operation patent, WO-2008046711-A1: Ignition coil, in particular for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle patent, WO-2008104277-A1: Grid image patent, WO-2009049818-A1: Oil mist separator of an internal combustion engine patent, WO-2009077091-A1: Dual-chamber injection device having gas-permeable membrane patent, WO-2011009786-A1: Ultrasonic measurement apparatus and method for evaluating an ultrasonic signal patent, WO-2013026611-A1: Injector for a fluid having a fluid feed patent, WO-2013083257-A1: Method for manufacturing a plug connector patent, WO-2013124135-A1: Gas power plant patent, WO-2014053240-A3: Method and sensor unit for locating and/or detecting metallic or metal-containing objects and materials patent, WO-2014082720-A1: Device for inspecting a profiled workpiece patent, WO-2014202290-A1: Method and device for operating a vehicle patent, WO-2016075269-A1: Use of a citrate solution for affinity chromatographic purification of crp using phosphocholine and derivatives thereof patent, WO-9750106-A1: Drive for high-voltage vacuum switchgear patent, WO-9831493-A1: Pressing device for compressing metal parts, in particular chips patent, WO-9928276-A1: Method for producing a sacrificial body for producing aluminal titanium aluminide composite bodies patent, WO-9942695-A1: Cable control device for ladder scaffolding patent, WO-0039261-A1: Low-dose, soluble builder patent, WO-0045204-A1: Integrated optical waveguide patent, WO-2007088022-A1: Device, and method for feeding substances patent, WO-2012072244-A1: Device for meniscus reattachment patent, WO-2012136494-A1: Method for determining a correction value for the measurement of a target angle with a radar device, driver assistance system and motor vehicle patent, WO-2013000742-A2: Use of silicone elastomers in cosmetic preparations patent, WO-2013020761-A1: Method for shift control of an automated group gear patent, WO-2014060066-A1: Two-dimensional method for inkjet printing with printhead alignment patent, WO-2014090454-A1: Welding burner having an integrated identification switch patent, WO-2015181111-A1: Installation block for a dry-construction wall, dry-construction wall, and method for installing an installation block patent, WO-2017101931-A1: Disconnect clutch for a motor vehicle patent, WO-2017114519-A1: Orthopedic implant patent, WO-9220490-A3: Clamping device for a movable table along one or several guiding rails or the like patent, WO-9510342-A1: Water extraction process and device patent, WO-03042389-A1: Genes coding for glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase proteins patent, WO-2005066138-A1: Substituted heterocyclic amides having a fungicidal effect patent, WO-2005069697-A1: Closing mechanism comprising an illuminant, and method for producing one such closing mechanism patent, WO-2005073201-A1: Urea derivatives patent, WO-2006087304-A1: Device for supplying power patent, WO-2006136322-A3: Arrangement for electronically carrying out board role-play and card games patent, WO-2008014739-A3: Radiation-emitting component patent, WO-2008128812-A1: Method and processing time testing device for monitoring the processing time of shipping goods of small dimensions, particularly of letters and similar postal items patent, WO-2013135222-A1: Automated production of concentrator lens panels patent, WO-2015039876-A1: Device and method for handling, mounting or demounting components of a wind turbine patent, WO-9205088-A1: Bowl package patent, WO-9905525-A1: Use of check surfaces for identifying disturbing samples in a detection procedure patent, WO-03021020-A3: Texturing machine patent, WO-2004054667-A1: Target object patent, WO-2006133817-A2: Seal for a transmission with a mechatronic system patent, WO-2007057147-A1: Disk brake, in particular for a utility vehicle patent, WO-2007082506-A2: Rotating device to be used in a fluid patent, WO-2009062597-A3: Brewing process and brewery installations patent, WO-2009143906-A1: Hammer drill and/or chisel hammer patent, WO-2010066406-A2: Uv irradiation device patent, WO-2012041679-A2: Device for storing hot, corrosive fluids and use of the device patent, WO-2015011147-A1: Transparent adhesive with a refractive index ranging from 1.7 to 1.73 patent, WO-9903946-A1: Hot-setting wash-fast sealant for shell structures patent, WO-0016674-A1: Device for producing milk froth for cappuccino patent, WO-0108105-A1: Method for automatically charging tolls and device therefor patent, WO-2010115704-A1: System for decentralised material flow control patent, WO-2011054858-A1: Method and apparatus for annotating multimedia data in a computer-aided manner patent, WO-2012101533-A1: Laser processing machine, in particular laser cutting machine, and method for centering a laser beam, in particular a focused laser beam patent, WO-2014063831-A3: Stator for an electric motor, and electric motor patent, WO-9015243-A1: Process for detecting and evaluating knock signals in the individual cylinders of an internal combustion engine patent, WO-9920817-A1: Method for producing aqueous liquor dyeable modified polypropylene threads and the use thereof patent, WO-0066386-A1: Device and method for changing the real speed of a work vehicle with a continuously variable transmission and cruise control function patent, WO-2010124685-A3: Actuation and evaluation circuit, measuring device and method for measuring the concentration of a gas patent, WO-2015110199-A1: Method for producing a magnetic valve patent, WO-0135447-A3: Highly efficient uv-emitter based on nitride semiconductors patent, WO-0138239-A1: Method for producing a quartz glass body and holding element made of quartz glass patent, WO-2010054884-A3: Shaft unit comprising a sealing device patent, WO-2014009130-A1: Signalling of an emergency stop process of a motor vehicle patent, WO-0103212-A3: High-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (htm) fuel cell, htm fuel cell system, method for operating an htm fuel cell and/or an htm fuel cell system patent, WO-02081089-A1: Accommodating device for specimen slides patent, WO-2015173102-A1: Device for aligning a wafer on a wafer carrier patent, WO-2010115424-A1: Methanogenic microorganisms for generating biogas patent, WO-2010086149-A1: Diesel oxidation catalyst comprising excellent low temperature activity patent, WO-2014094834-A1: Self-propelled and self-steering floor cleaning device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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